Fat Dissolving Injections


AQUALYX is a fat dissolving injection treatment that can remove small areas of fat which will not go by exercising. When AQUALYX is injected it works by liquefying the fat cells, breaking them up and then they are drained naturally via the lymphatic system. 


Treatment areas include: 



Love handles 


Male breasts 


Inner and outer thigh 


This treatment is only suitable for pockets of fat and clients do need to be near their ideal BMI. Normally a course of 2-3 treatments is needed 6 weeks apart to achieve the desired outcome. 


Aqualyx permanently removes the fat cells however you must maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle for the results to remain permanent. The fatty tissue will only return if you gain a lot of weight. 


The Treatment day 

The treatment involves a number of injections into the target area or areas. The area will be tender and sore for a few days after and there will be swelling, bruising and redness. Swelling can last up to 4 weeks and multiple treatments maybe needed. The manufacturers have reported no major side effects from this treatment.