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Rose Jeans

R.L.J Aesthetics

I am a fully qualified and insured aesthetic nurse based in Cheshire. I was awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Nursing in 2012 and since then I have been working within the NHS including an Emergency Care Department and within the private cosmetic sector. I offer a full range of facial Dermal Filler treatments. I’m based in the Gregory Roe hair and beauty salon in Nantwich. I only use the highest quality brands for all my treatments which include Juvederm ultra, Juvederm Voluma and Revolax but I can also order Teosyal Kiss on request.


To book an appointment with R.L.J Aesthetics you will need to book through this website in the booking portal. You will be asked to choose which treatments you would like and you will be able to choose the day and appointment time. A deposit is required for every booking and this then comes off the total amount.


 If you are unsure exactly how much product you want or need for a treatment don’t worry! You can either contact me directly for advice or just select the larger option so that I can make sure I have enough product available, then on the day of the treatment you will have a full consultation before and if you would like to reduce the product amount that is perfectly fine and you will only be charged for the amount we use. 


After the treatment you will be swollen and bruised for at least 3-4 days, this is normal so please remember this when booking. If after the 14 day healing period, you would like me to check the treatment area or if you have any concerns please feel free to book in for a 2 week follow up appointment. This is free of charge and excellent for me to check everything is ok. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone reacts to the treatment differently and it all depends on your own pain threshold. You can feel it yes, but it is not unbearable. 

I use emla numbing cream and the filler contains Lidocaine so the area will numb further as I inject. 



Yes. I take a £35 booking deposit which is paid through the booking portal on the website. This amount then comes off the total payment which is made on the day of treatment. This deposit is non-refundable. Appointment times can be changed with at least 5 days notice and the deposit will not be lost, anything less than 5 days will result in loss of deposit. 


I work from Gregory Roe hair and beauty salon in Nantwich Cheshire 


I use the leading brands for all my treatments which include Juvederm and Revolax 

It depends what treatment you are having. On average 30-60 mins. That includes the consultation and treatment. 

Some treatments do need a pre consultation. Please contact the clinic before booking and we will advise you on the correct process. 

Everyone is different and it all depends on your body and lifestyle. On average the filler will last 6–12 month before it is completely dissolved. However it is recommend a top up every 3-4 months if you do not want to lose the size or volume of your treatment area. HA Filler is not permanent and it will eventually disappear. 


Yes! The swelling normal starts straight away and gets worse over the next 24 hours. Bruising can also be present straight after the treatment but normally comes out the next day. These symptoms normally take 3-4 days to settle down but the treatment area won’t be fully healed for 14 days, only then will you see the final results. 


Yes! And parent permission for under 18s is not accepted unfortunately 

Card, Cash or bank transfer please 

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